Dear Friend of Alachua County Public Schools,

For the past eight years, Alachua County Public Schools have thrived despite the Great Recession, ever-changing state and federal mandates and less-than-adequate state funding. Much of the credit must go to you and other Alachua County citizens, who approved the One Mill for Schools in both 2008 and 2012.

The One Mill costs the average homeowner about $7 a month, but that small investment in our schools is clearly paying off. It's currently funding art and music programs, guidance, media centers, our highly-successful academic and career-tech magnet programs and classroom technology. It also guarantees a nurse in every school.

All of us benefit from having good schools, even if we don't have children attending those schools. High-quality schools boost property values and help bring in new businesses and jobs. They also prepare the young people who will one day be providing the goods and services we all need to maintain our quality of life.

Later this year local voters will have the opportunity to renew the One Mill for Schools for another four years. It will be on the ballot in the general election, which is set for November 8. The ballot language again requires that an independent oversight committee make sure the One Mill funding, which totals between $11 million to $13 million each year, is being spent as it should-just as it has for the last eight years.

Despite generating strong support from voters during the last two elections, Citizens for Strong Schools is not taking any chances. We want to ensure that local citizens know how critical the One Mill is to our schools and our entire community.

On this website you'll find information about the One Mill For Schools, including the ballot language, answers to frequently asked questions and a one-page handout that can be shared. You'll also find information about how you can get involved in the effort to raise awareness about the importance of the One Mill for Schools.

We hope you'll review this important information and become a part of the important work of Citizens for Strong Schools.


Mark McGriff, Chair
Citizens for Strong Schools
27 Apr 2016